Performance improvement

We have assisted a variety of organisations to optimise their operations in response to specific challenges and opportunities being faced at the time.

A rail operator was preparing to bring the UK’s first domestic high speed rail service into operation. As a result, they wanted to strengthen their resource management capabilities, specifically, the scheduling and rostering of 2,000 drivers and guards.

We advised on and implemented a new strategy to meet the challenges ahead. This was based on the introduction of more sophisticated software that enables faster and more accurate planning. It also facilitates what-if decisions, allowing a more optimum balance between service resilience and expenditure.

Analytics, including structured measures and key indicators, were devised and implemented, giving managers greater control of resources and costs. The new metrics inform better strategic workforce planning – a vital element, given that drivers take up to 18 months to recruit and train.

The new approach included a more centralised structure for the resource management organisation. This was made possible by the introduction of modern time and attendance technology and associated interfaces with planning and payroll systems.

The new high-speed line was successfully brought into service. Additional resource capacity, created as a result of the new arrangements, was used to support growth and strengthen service resilience during the transition.