Industry research

We support various forms of industry research including strategic Government reviews. For example, on behalf of the UK Government, the ORR and DfT were undertaking a strategic value for money review of the UK rail industry, led by Sir Roy McNulty.

The rail industry is a major employer and workforce planning was a key element of the study. We were commissioned to investigate labour resource efficiency in the industry’s train operators and identify the scope for improved productivity through investment in technology.

We undertook detailed research to quantify the current level of labour resource utilisation in the train operating companies. We also gathered details of the technology being used throughout the industry for train crew planning and operation, and an indication of the benefits being achieved. In dialogue with leading software vendors, we identified the potential development path for train crew resource management systems in the UK rail industry.

Our findings were summarised in a report which identified and quantified the potential feasibility, costs and benefits of industry-wide investment in planning and workforce management technology. The report was accepted and helped inform the strategic recommendations of the study.

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