Planning and managing people in operations

Adventis is an independent management consultancy firm, focused on workforce planning and labour resource management in the transport sector. We provide strategy advice and implementation support that helps our clients utilise their human resources optimally.

We have a detailed understanding of transport operations and how workforce planning supports business and operational objectives in the sector. This includes knowledge of all industry-wide developments with potential implications for workforce management.

Our consultants have expert knowledge of the workforce planning process, at both strategic and tactical levels, including best practices in the UK and internationally. This is combined with up to date knowledge of resource planning systems and how these can be successfully applied, with other forms of technology, to improve labour resource management.

We have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced at operational level, when seeking to utilise human resources more effectively. We also have experience of developing and implementing a wide range of management interventions, aimed at aligning the workforce with the needs of the business.