Workforce planning for data-driven organisations

We set up Adventis in 2010, recognising the increasingly complex workforce planning challenges faced by organisations and the potential role of data analytics to assist.

As customer expectations have increased, organisations throughout service and supply chains have responded with radical changes in the way they operate. But for many, the fully optimised workforce remains an elusive goal.

From direct experience in multiple organisations, we have concluded that much more can be done to align workforce planning with financial and operational objectives, while matching the varied lifestyle aspirations of employees.

Workforce planning is the continual process used to align the needs and priorities of the organisation with those of its workforce. Done well, it ensures that organisations have enough resources to meet legislative, regulatory, service and production requirements, while achieving business and financial objectives. We work with our clients to establish reliable, evidence based, workforce planning processes and tools.

Workforce Analytics are fundamental as they provide a fact-based method of understanding workforce behaviours. Our analysis typically includes reviewing employee recruitment, promotion and turnover patterns. It also uncovers the hidden causes of overtime, absenteeism, and low productivity. The findings are then used to devise and embed the right metrics and reporting into business as usual.